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 Cash and Check

Contributions in the form of cash and checks can be submitted in person during Sunday’s services or any time the church is open.  Donation boxes are available at the entrances on each side of the sanctuary.  In addition, you may drop off contributions at the church office during regular office hours or you can mail contributions to:

Meadows Baptist Church
3001 Los Rios Blvd
Plano, Texas 75074

Online Giving

For those who prefer to make their contributions online, you have two options:

If your bank provides an “Online Bill Pay” feature, you can add Meadows Baptist Church to your payee list and we will receive 100% of your donation. For the account number field in the payee, you can just put your initials.

If you would rather donate using a credit card, Meadows has partnered with ACS Technologies and Vanco to process all contributions in a safe and secure manner.  Benefits of online giving include:

  • Members and guests can make one time contributions or set up recurring gifts.
  • You can create an account which allows ease of recurring use though this is not required to contribute.
  • Guests may contribute without setting up an account.
  • You may contribute using a debit/credit card account or directly from your bank account. Meadows Baptist is charged a fee for processing these transactions.  In order to ensure that Meadows Baptist and the ministries we support receive the full amount of your intended contribution, you may want to increase your giving by 2.75% to cover the cost of the fees (3.5% for AmEx).

Please note that Meadows Baptist is aware of the credit debt problem that afflicts so many and discourages the use of credit cards unless it is used in a responsible and disciplined manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to register?
A:  You do not have to register.  You can contribute both online and via the mobile app as a guest.

Q:  What information will I have to provide in order to contribute online or through the mobile app?
A:  For both debit/credit card and bank account transactions, you will provide your email address, name, and address.  For debit/credit card transactions, you will also provide the account number and expiration date.  For bank account transactions, you will also provide the account type, account number, and routing number.

Q:  Is my debit/credit card and/or bank information stored for future use?
A:  It is only stored if you choose to register and choose to save your information for future use.

Q:  Can I store more than one payment method?
A:  Yes and you will be able to choose which one to use when processing a transaction.

Q:  Does Meadows Baptist store my debit/credit card and/or bank account information?
A:  No.  Meadows Baptist has partnered with ACS Technologies and Vanco to process all online and mobile transactions.  Therefore, your debit/credit card and/or bank account information along with any transactions are stored by ACS Technologies and Vanco.  Contribution history is fed over from ACS Technologies to Meadows Baptist in order to apply contributions within Meadows Baptist’s systems and to create year end statements for your charitable contributions.

Q:  Are there fees when using online and mobile giving?
A:  Yes.  Meadows Baptist will incur a fee for each contribution.  In order to ensure that Meadows Baptist and the ministries we support get 100% of your intended contribution,  you may want to consider increasing your contribution by 2.75% (3.5% for AmEx) to cover the cost.

Q:  Will my contribution be reduced by the fees?
A:  The amount you contribute will not be reduced as far as charitable contribution statements go.  But Meadows Baptist and the ministries we support will not receive the full contribution because of the fees.

Q:  Can I choose where to direct my contribution?
A:  At this time, Meadows Baptist is providing only two options for online and mobile giving.  You may contribute to Budget/Tithes & Offerings or Bldg/Prayer Garden.  We are offering these two options as the vast majority of contributions are tithes and offerings intended to support the budget of the church.  The building fund is the largest designated fund that our members and guests support.

Q:  Can I pay for other things supported by the church like camps, Awanas, concerts, etc.?
A:  As events are planned, Meadows Baptist may choose to enable online and mobile giving for those payments.  If so, that capability will be publicized along with the event.