The Look of a Lion: A courageous approach to life

Over the course of the past two months we have run with the lions through some of the most death defying, spine-tingling stories in Scripture.  We have admired the courage of men like Samson, David, Benaiah, Solomon, Daniel, the missionary priest of Samaria, the unnamed prophet of Judah and of course the Lion of the tribe of Judah himself, Jesus Christ.  Lions have long been a symbol of courage.  A famous figure from the Crusader era was the King of England, Richard the First, known as Richard the Lionheart.  As the final message of the series this morning, in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to feature the feminine side of felines; as well as the feminine side of courage.  I know no more courageous position of influence and honor in the kingdom of heaven than a godly woman; a godly mother; a godly grandmother.  This morning’s message is not a lion story but it does have a lion link; an application to a courageous lifestyle.  In “The Look of a Lion: A courageous approach to Life” I offer you four roaring verses that challenge us to a lion lifestyle.