Redeeming your Witness

There is a powerful passage in Ephesians chapter six that is devoted to spiritual warfare: what it is, why it is important and how to do it well.  I have reserved that passage for a new series that we will explore through the month of November.  You may hear growing excitement over the newest Star Wars episode that will be debuting in December.  In this passage from Ephesians 6, we will explore the ultimate force of God’s Holy Spirit that helps us take our stand against the forces of darkness, against Satan himself, and his efforts to attack and sabotage the people of God.

For the past two months we have looked at the challenge of redeeming relationships.  God is the great redeemer.  No one does redemption like God!  He desires to redeem every person and restore them to a right and rich relationship with him.  But we have learned that redeeming relationships has real boundaries.  Even God cannot redeem relationships when people are unresponsive or resistant.

We are redeemed through faith in Jesus Christ.  Once we experience the glory of a redeemed relationship with God, we can then follow God’s lead in redeeming the relationships in our lives.  The book of Ephesians deals specifically with redeeming your relationship with God; redeeming your marriage; redeeming your family and redeeming your work.

This final message is all about redeeming your witness.  Every disciple has a witness.  However, unless we learn to redeem our witness, it will inevitably become ineffective and unproductive.  Paul reveals the secrets of a redeemed witness at the close of his letter to the believers at Ephesus.