Jesus: Lord or Genie in a Bottle?

There is a continental divide when it comes to biblical discipleship. Just as the watershed ridge of the continental divide separates the drainage of all river ways either into the Pacific Ocean to the west of the or the Atlantic Ocean to the east so it is with biblical discipleship. How you understand this matter affects everything else. This theological divide can be simply summed up in this question: Is Jesus Lord or just some sort of genie in a bottle? In other words, is your relationship with Christ all about you or is all about Him? Is your perspective that Christ is at your beckon call or that you at His?

As we come to the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Mark today, we are introduced to six stories that drive home the non-negotiable point that Jesus is Lord and that those who respond to the call to follow Him have a clear understanding that Christ is the Master and we are the servants of God.