Jeremiah’s Field Trip to the Potter’s House

I have had the privilege of adventure traveling all over the lands of the Bible. Over the years, I have collected over 800 pottery sherds from biblical sites throughout Israel and Jordan. They are signs and symbols that give us clues into the ancient times and stories of Scripture. Each one was handmade by the skill of a master potter. Twenty-six hundred years ago, God sent the prophet Jeremiah on a field trip to the potter’s house. It was there that God impressed upon Jeremiah one of the most powerful messages he would receive in his lifetime. I want to invite you on the same field trip today. As Jeremiah does not identify the name of the potter nor the location of his house, we cannot retrace the steps of his trip, but we can make our way to the place of revelation and learn the life lessons God taught to Jeremiah for Israel and the ones He has for us today.