How to Pray Great Prayers

Incredible!  I hope that’s how you would describe your life experience right now.  But for many that is probably not the case.  You may be feeling very ordinary, mortal, non-descript.  Well, this series is for you.  We are having a little fun this month playing off the sequel debut of the blockbuster animated film, The Incredibles 2.  It’s the story of an ordinary family that is blessed with incredible, supernatural powers.  Could there be any better description of a true disciple of Jesus Christ—just an ordinary person who has been endowed by the grace of God with incredible, supernatural powers!  Over the course of this month, I’ll show you how you too can live an incredible life because of the grace and power of God. Here is the focus for this month:

Ordinary people

Endowed with supernatural powers

to live incredible lives

that honor God!

Today, let’s focus on prayer and how to make your prayer life incredible!  My aim this morning is that everyone here would prayer an incredible prayer before this message is over.