Heaven: Celebrating the gift of God’s home

Home conjures up a lot of emotion for me.  I grew up in a great home surrounded by a loving family.  My mother still lives in my childhood home on 530 West Kings Road in Ada, Oklahoma.  Having travelled around the world and lived in different places and cultures, it has always been a source of delight and grounding to be able to go home.  Roots bring riches to one’s life.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy famously exclaimed, “There’s no place like home!”

Perhaps your home life and memories are not nearly as nurturing or sweet.  Regardless of your earthly experience or human family of origin, God has made a way for anyone to find a home in heaven.  It is not restricted by age, money or intellect; but only by faith in Jesus Christ.  Let’s take a biblical look at heaven this morning and celebrate the gift of God’s home.  I think you will discover that heaven is more than just a vacation destination, but a way of life that you can experience heaven on earth.