Dealing with Suffering

Why in the world should I ever have to suffer as a Christian?  This question arises out of a non-biblical worldview that is built upon certain heretical ideas; such as:

  • Since God is good, only good things should happen to me.
  • The evidence of God’s faithfulness in my life is the absence of struggle or difficulty.
  • The spirit-filled life is a struggle free existence.

These hidden heresies have crept into the minds and lodged themselves into the theologies and worldviews of many an American Christian.  Its effect is devastating.  Such thinking strips the courage, conviction, faithfulness and steadfastness in the face of suffering from any would-be disciple.  Our story this morning of Paul’s Belt will provide a much needed perspective shift.  And if you adopt Paul’s perspective, his worldview, his theology, it could provide the key to help you weather any storm of hardship and suffering in a way that will return enormous and eternal dividends.  But first, let’s set the geographical stage.