Dealing with Pride

Pride is rooted in the story of each of our lives.  It is in our fingerprint, our DNA, deep seated in our very being.  Pride keeps you from admitting you are wrong.  Pride keeps you from taking the initiative for reconciliation.  Pride keeps you from sharing your faith.  Pride keeps you from acknowledging your need. In some ways, pride is like cholesterol: one type is good and another type is bad.  To be proud of someone or something in an honorable way is good and wonderful.  To be proud in a self-centered, self-promoting, self-serving way, self-preserving way is unhealthy, destructive, sinful.  Our Bible belt story this morning is about Jonathon.  Jonathon was the first born son of King Saul and had a most remarkable friendship with and impact on the life of David.  Though they could have become rivals and enemies; due to Jonathon’s remarkable humility, they would become legendary friends.