Wayne Sharp

Tell us a little about yourself

Have been married to my soul-mate for 36 years and have two children and seven grandchildren. Received my bachelor degree from the University of Tulsa in 1979, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with M.Div. Degree in 1981. The oldest son of an Air Force fighter pilot I was born in England and spent most of my childhood in the far east. Always enjoyed sports and hunting and fishing.

When and where did you start your journey with Christ?

On returning back home from a tour in Viet Nam my father shared Christ with me at the young age of 9. However it was not until the age of 17 did I begin to count the cost of discipleship and the cross Christ suffered I soon committing my to the Lord Jesus in the summer of 1973. Unbeknown to me did I have a grandmother who prayed every day for me and as a junior in collage since a call to ministry of Jesus Christ.

What do you do at Meadows?

I use my gift of encouragement to support our pastor; engage people in pastoral care; benevolence; and administration / education. I enjoy helping others be successful in their ministries.

Other than the Bible, what other book has had the biggest impact on your life?

Though I enjoy history, A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards is a book I return to often helping to frame my ministry and keep me balanced.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

My wife and I enjoy Yellowstone National Park. God has placed this mountain region in our lives to inspire, encourage and balance our lives through the years.

What do you love most about Meadows?

I have so enjoyed the staff as we have shared ideas and learned from each other. Also Meadows has become family for a number of years and I aspire to share and grow what the Lord has blessed in the days ahead.

What’s your biggest hope for Meadows?

To be a greater impact on our church and community as we make disciples.