Tim Groves

Tell us a little about yourself

Born and raised in Dallas, Met my wife, Angela in 1999, we got married in 2004. We have two curtain crawlers: Titus (4) and Judah (2) both born in North Carolina. Undergrad from Howard Payne University in Brownwood TX and Masters in Worship Leadership from Dallas Baptist University.

When and where did you start your journey with Christ?

Started the journey in 1990 at Mt Lebanon camp outside of Dallas.

What do you do at Meadows?

I get to lead the musicians, tech teams and artists of Meadows as we lead others in living lives responding to God for who He is and what He’s done in our lives. In addition to helping us focus on the needs of the 30’s and 40’s of our community.

Other than the Bible, what other book has had the biggest impact on your life?

Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

St. Thomas or Grand Cayman

What do you love most about Meadows?

The People – they are loving, passionate and sacrificial.  They walk with you through trials like none other.

What’s your biggest hope for Meadows?

That we would be a group of Christ-Followers committed to being real about our struggles and helping others walk through the difficulties of life with perspective and joy. “Life Is Hard. God is Good. Life Is Hard.”