Keith Gray

Tell us a little about yourself

Wife of 20 years, Shawn; son Hunter, senior at Wylie High; son Micah, 6th grade at Davis Intermediate; daughter Madison & son-in-law Shaun in Florida with granddaughter Sophia.  Th.M from Dallas Theological Seminary. Go Gators

When and where did you start your journey with Christ?

I Met Jesus at a tent revival in Live Oak, FL when I was 12.

What do you do at Meadows?

I Teach students about Jesus

Other than the Bible, what other book has had the biggest impact on your life?

Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

a beach…or a mountain

What do you love most about Meadows?

The people

What’s your biggest hope for Meadows?

That when people think of Jesus, they will think of the people at Meadows.