Myia Billy

Tell us a little about yourself 

I am Mom to one and Grandma to three. I keep pretty busy!

When and where did you start your journey with Christ? 

I was the unchurched kid that went to every Vacation Bible School (within walking distance, which covered a large distance back in the day) in McKinney. I didn’t make a profession of faith until I was a teenager but can look back and see how God was using those early experiences to reach me.

What do you do at Meadows? 

I record the contributions and make sure the lights stay on.

Other than the Bible, what other book has had the biggest impact on your life?

There are too many to say biggest impact but one that have helped along the journey was “A Love Worth Giving “by Max Lucado

What’s your favorite vacation spot? 

The Beach.

What do you love most about Meadows? 

Everyone that I have met is friendly!

What’s your biggest hope for Meadows?

I hope that each member of the congregation acts with urgency to reach the community for Christ.