We know visiting a new church can be intimidating. We want to make sure your experience at Meadows is one without roadblocks! Check out the info below so you can know what to expect on your first visit to Meadows.

When you arrive, we have a drive up entrance where you can drop off family members or, if you need, have your car parked for you so you and your family can head inside. Once inside, you’ll find restrooms on the right, the information & guest services desk on the left as well as the elevator to the second floor where the students meet. Ahead to your right is the Worship Center and to the left are the pre-school classrooms. If you like, you can ask one of our Guest Services volunteers for assistance, they’re glad to help!

We offer two Sunday morning opportunities to worship together.  The 9:15 service, The Gospel Celebration is a Southern Gospel feeling worship service which uses a choir, orchestra and band. The Gathering, our 10:45 service is a modern feeling worship service with elements such as effectual lighting and modern sounding music. Both are in a relaxed atmosphere though the 9:15AM might feel a bit more traditional.  We have two Bible Studies Opportunities called Pathways that are concurrent with the worship services.  Starting times are 9:15 AM and 10:45AM.

If you have children, we know their safety is your utmost concern. Ministry teams are trained to skillfully work with children at every stage of childhood. Teachers must be active members of Meadows for at least six months, be involved in personal Bible study and growth and pass a yearly criminal background check. Our goal is to help every child know God’s love. Every child is uniquely created by God. Our preschool area is secured for your safety and their safety. When they’re dropped off, you will both be given a security name tag which is required for the child to be picked up at the end of the service. If you have a school-aged child, the 9:15 hour will be a chance for them to learn the good news of Jesus through The Gospel Project. Then, during the 10:45 hour, they can accompany you to The Gathering for the music, after which they will be dismissed to Children’s Pathways Worship. If you would like your child to attend Children’s Pathways Worship, please indicate so when you drop them off in their classroom (upstairs).

Remember, if you have any questions upon your arrival, Guest Services is your best and first point of contact.

We look forward to your visit!

If you have a question or for more information call the church office at 972.423.5683 to speak with our secretary, Regina.