Worship & Arts Ministry

The Worship & Arts Ministry at Meadows

At Meadows, we recognize the power of the arts in worship. The arts play an important part in communicating the beauty of our Creator to and through his people as well as connecting His people to their Creator. The arts also allow God’s people to express their love, devotion and thankfulness to Him in a way that words fall short. Whether it’s singing, instrumentalists, painting, design, drama, or technical arts, they are all used at Meadows as ways to respond to God for who He is and what He has done! We invited you to come and be a part of the response! For more information contact Tim Groves, Worship Pastor at tim@meadowsbaptist.org.

Vocal Groups

Gospel Celebration Choir

Celebration Choir leads worship in the 9:15 worship service.  They have a deep love for the joyful worship experience. They sing everything from toe tapping southern gospel choral arrangements to the latest cutting edge choral music. The GCC meets each Wednesday at 6:30pm. No audition needed, just show up!

Praise Ensemble

The Praise Ensemble is a group of worship leaders that sing as part of the larger praise team in the 10:45 Worship Experience – The Gathering. This group of singers is focused on expressively leading worship and leading as much through their physical posture as much as their voices. If you are interested, please let Tim Groves know!

Other Ensembles

Various others groups sing more modern vocal arrangements, meet throughout the year and sing at regular times in multiples services. Audition/invitation only. (See Tim if interested)

Instrumental Groups

Praise Teams

Currently, we have  two praise teams comprised of instrumentalists (guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, strings and horns) and singers of varying ages and skills unified by their common goal of reflecting God’s beauty through the excellence of  their craft. If you are interested in joining the praise team, please contact Pastor Tim at 972-423-5683. Audition/invitation only – if you are interested in auditioning, please let Tim Groves know!

Meadows Jazz Orchestra

“MJO” is a team of talented “hepcats” who love to use their musical gifts to glorify the Lord and they play music of varying difficulty. This is a great place for everyone from the seasoned player to the young learner.  We are always looking for more instrumentalists – ages high school and up! You are welcome to come join us every Sunday afternoon at 4:00PM for rehearsals.

Media Ministry

Excellence belongs both on the platform and ‘in the booth’. We strive to be a ministry that reflects the glory of a limitless Creator through the technical arts. If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, we would love to train you and empower you to serve! Please contact Tim Groves

Computer Graphics

Each week, the “CG” operator leads worship through their service in image magnification,  song lyric and sermon points projection. As well as graphic design of sermon series and other events. This creates the ability for all to be literally ‘on the same page’ for each element in the worship environments.


The sound operator ensures the quality reproduction of sound in each service by actively engaging each element in the service with their ears! The importance of volume, balance and mix are of utmost concern as the sound operator serves each week.


Lighting is one of the most powerful elements to help convey an emotion, tell a story and produce an effect. The lighting operator is an artist in their own right, they work to express, through their medium, the ’emotion of the moment’.


The video operator is responsible for recording the weekly service and cataloging service for online viewing. This team is also responsible for creating, shooting and editing the monthly Three Minute Warning (pre-service announcement) segment.   If you are interested in joining this team contact Roy Beavers