Children’s Ministry



Our vision for parents/children – A heart for God; a life of service to Him

It is our belief based on Deuteronomy 6:5-9 that the family should be the heart of spiritual development for children. We strive to support and are available to parents/guardians as you join together with your children on their spiritual journey. Church family is an important extension helping inspire the faith of a child.

Our philosophy is based on the biblical truth God loves each of us; the bible is God’s word; God created everything; Jesus died for our sins.

Our goal is to help every child know God’s love. Every child is uniquely created by God. Children’s organizations reflect a child development concept known as “whole child”:

  • Develop each child in five areas: spiritual, physical, emotional, social, mental
  • Provide Christian education and care using the Bible, the finest teachers, environment, and age appropriate curriculum
  • Provide each child with physical care and emotional stability building within him/her a positive concept about God, church and self
  • Lay spiritual foundations for every child to give his/her life to Jesus in God’s time
  • Create an environment where your child’s time with us is happy, well-directed and profitable

Ministry teams are trained to skillfully work with children at every stage of childhood. Teachers must be active members of Meadows for at least six months, be involved in personal Bible study and growth and pass a yearly criminal background check.

Bible Pathways Classes

Pathway classes are our premier Bible time for all ages where the principles of life, God’s love and fulfillment found in the Bible can be integrated to every age level of child development.

  • Fingerprints of God (Birth – Kindergarten)
  • Climber Kids (1st – 4th grades)
  • AXIS (5th – 6th grade preteens)

Childcare is provided during both worship services (Birth – Kindergarten).