CONNECTING US to one Another

& to our community

A community of Christians living life together, strengthening the body of Christ and living out the Great Commission.

Studying God's Word

Everything we do is centered around the study and application of scripture in our daily lives. We see the Bible as the way to walk through all seasons of life.  

Honest Converstions

We embrace the fact that life at times is hard and we need a safe place to share our struggles, fears and questions. Life groups are a great place to ask those questions! 

Walking together through life

We are created for community and while the Sunday Morning Experience is paramount to life at Meadows, life groups give you the opportunity to go deeper. 


Life groups may be a new experience for you, or maybe you’re not sure how they look at Meadows. Below is a list of common questions regarding life groups. 
What is a Life Group? A community of Christians living life together, strengthening the body of Christ and living out the Great Commission.   Why should I join a Life Group? A life group provides a place to develop and cultivate meaningful relationships with people, to get to know them and be known. It’s also a place to learn more about God and how to deepen your relationship with Him. In a life group, you will receive encouragement and support on your life’s journey. The life group is also a place where you can introduce the power and love of Jesus Christ to the unchurched.   What is the purpose of a Life Group? Authentic Christian community. It’s a non-threatening place where open and honest dialogue about the faith journey can take place.   What happens in a Life Group? Building relationships with each other and growing in Christ is ultimately what will happen. This will occur through Prayer, Scripture study and application, fellowship and service.   Are all Life Groups the same? Each life group will have its own personality according to the people who are in the life group. No two groups will be exactly the same though the purpose will be the same for all groups.   How large are Life Groups? Ideally, life groups will consist of 8-12 adults. Some may be slightly larger or smaller as time progresses.   Is there a maximum size? Once a life group gets to around 16 or more adults, it will be time for the group to multiply itself in a way that is beneficial for all members of the life group.   When do Life Groups meet? Initially, life groups will meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month. Once the life group is established, they may choose to meet as often as they like and whenever they choose.   Where do Life Groups meet? Initially, life groups will meet at Meadows, but once established, life groups may meet wherever they wish, as long as it meets the needs of the life group. Very likely, the life group will meet in the home of one of its members.   What about my children? Life groups include the whole family. It’s a time for kids to connect and grow too! Although each group can set up how they would like to handle kids during the Bible study time, there will be missions curriculum available for parents to lead their children. As there will be no childcare at the church available, life groups may team up to ensure that children are properly cared for and taught.   I don’t have children at home anymore, what about me? There will be life groups to meet the needs of many of our members and the various life stages they represent. As needs present themselves, life groups will form to meet those needs, such as cross-generational, singles, etc…   How do I join a Life Group? Usually twice a year, Super Bowl Sunday and Fall Back to School, there is big push for life groups to invite new members to join them for their life group’s party. You can also join at any time during the year by emailing Wayne Sharp at   What if I do not sign up for a Life Group right away? Can I join one at any time? Yes, though we encourage all our members to be part of a life group as soon as possible.   What if I do not like my Life Group? We encourage people to give the group you try a couple of visits as it may take a little time to feel like you’re in the right place. Remember, we want you to find a life group that fits you, so the sooner you make a commitment, the sooner real relationships can begin.   Do I have to be a member of Meadows to join a Life Group? No. We desire members, non-members and the unchurched to experience the community found in the body of Christ, His Church.   Will Life Groups affect the current Sunday morning schedule? No. Sunday morning Bible Study and Worship will not be affected.  




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