Join Meadows as we commit to 100 days in God’s Word!

God’s Word is fresh every day and has new insight for living and understanding for our lives today.

As Pastor Scott begins a new series that will take us into the Fall, join others at Meadows as we join in community to read God’s Word!

If you are a YouVersion user and want to join with others at Meadows as we read daily, click the link below: 

If you’re on facebook and want to join our daily conversations as the staff and other leaders post to Facebook Live every day. Click here:

If you’re not sure how to do either, take a look at the instructional video below (click link):

And if none of that interests you, and you want to go old school come by the e100 help desk on Sunday and pick up your hardcopy of the reading plan, complete with 100 punch outs to keep up with your reading!