Youth Purity and Sexuality Conference

On February 13-14, the Student ministry is hosting a Purity and Sexuality Conference. We are bringing in speakers from 180 Degrees, a group that focuses on abstinence helping families deal with sexual issues of all kinds.

Friday night is for students only and is from 6-8pm.  We will have food and drinks for them that night. The students will begin in one group, then separate by gender. They will be learning about the need for abstinence, both spiritual and practical and strategies for dealing with sexual pressures. They will also be discussing how to be godly men and women and how to treat the opposite sex in social situations.

Saturday morning is for parents only. From 10am-12pm (usually it only last about 1-1/2 hours) parents will learn different means of talking to their children about sexual issues and how to help their children deal with these types of issues that will come up in their child’s life.

We highly encourage you to bring your student to this event and have them bring as many friends as they can. I also encourage you to participate in the parent discussion. it will be profitable for all. This is for the community, so please bring as many other parents as you can.

This conference is FREE!!!