PESH Free Lunch Wednesdays

Free Lunch Wednesday is Meadows’ contribution to the students across the street at Plano East Senior High School.  Our goal is to provide a free meal in a stress-free environment with no strings attached.

If you wish to contribute to our effort in any way, please contact us at 904-813-3545 or at  Any support would be greatly appreciated.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to feeding our neighbors across the street at Plano East High School. A big thanks to the Meadows family, Chic-Fil-A Murphy, Walmart of Wylie, Los Charros of Wylie, Walmart of Murphy, Sprouts of Murphy, Tom Thumb of Plano, Schlotzsky’s of Plano, the Wilson family, the Dickenson family, the Communities Foundation and Cory Mattson. You all have made a difference in the lives of the students of Plano East!