Message from the Pastor

Thanks for taking the time to check out this supernatural expression of the glory of God that we call Meadows Baptist Church. Every church is like a fingerprint-unique and identifiable. While there are certain universal realities that distinguish every true New Testament Church (truths like the trustworthiness of the Scriptures, the centrality of the cross, and the lordship of Jesus Christ), the expression of being the church is far from a cookie-cutter experience.

By exploring Meadows’ mission statement and core values you can get a great glimpse into our church’s spiritual DNA so to speak. But to really discover the dynamic of Meadows, you’ll need to come experience it for yourself. The church is not the building or the programs but our people united in a passion to become a church after God’s own heart.

Come see our  27 acre campus in the heart of Plano and our worship and ministry facility located across the street from Plano East Senior High School at 3001 Los Rios Blvd. Whenever you drop by, be sure and enjoy the 3/4 mile devotional path around our Promised Land acreage that we refer to as The Walk of Faith. There you will find 27 Scripture Stands highlighting great verses from the Word of God that can deepen your faith and sweeten your walk with the Lord. But that’s just the beginning. Worship with us and you will meet four generations of some of the greatest people on the planet who come from all walks of life and all stages of the life cycle from the beginning generation of toddlers and children to the legacy generation of senior adults! I’ll look forward to the privilege of meeting you soon.

On the adventure of a lifetime,
Dr. Scott Fenton