Conquer Series (Men’s Bible Study)

“As a man, getting free from sexual bondage will be one of the greatest challenges you will ever face in life, but will also be one of the most rewarding.” – Jeremy Wiles, Director of the Conquer Series

Join other men from the area as we embark on a warriors path to overcome a silent cancer of men inside and outside the church.

Conquer is a 5-6 week series that approaches the battle against sexual addiction as a boot camp. It will get your feet wet and you’ll begin to understand this is a far reaching problem beyond simple bad habits and poor choices. Theres more to it.

And most importantly – THERE IS HOPE!

Join us in the patience building at 6:30pm beginning Thursday, February 2 and lets go to work!


For more information call Pastor Tim (704.780.0728) and or log onto